Happy Birthday, Quirky QWERTY!

This past weekend the Quirky QWERTY turned a year old. Yep, I was able to stick around for at least a year to serve you typewriter entertainment and information. This year alone the Quirky QWERTY held a record three type-ins on its own, not to mention the numerous others that were held by other organizers. To celebrate this blogs’s first birthday, I’ll review some of my personal favorite posts from this last year, along with a link to their destinations.



Starting in June, Cameron Peacock of the Changing hands Bookstore in Phoenix held the 8th Phoenix type-in. Many familiar faces made the event, Including Joe Van Cleave, all the way from New Mexico. He, of course, brought his recording equipment and interviewed several typewriter aficionados, consisting of Cameron Peacock, Ted Munk, Bill Wahl, and myself.

Until a longer one is held, this seven hour type-in as far as my knowledge goes holds the world record for longest type-in. It consisted of many great events, including a speed-typing contest, where the winner received a 1940s Underwood, and a viewing of the typewriter documentary, “California Typewriter”.

This type-in will always live in the type-in hall of fame, at least in my opinion.

8th Phoenix Type-in Review


In July, I started participating in Joe Van Cleave’s typing assignments, in which he gives his audience a month to write a prompted short story, where it is then featured in a video of his. The Prompt of this short story was to write about science fiction. This really brought out the creative juices in me, and so I whipped out the old Royal QDL and got to work. I eventually came up with a story about animal species evolving rapidly, and claiming the Earth away from the humans. I titled it Evolution.

Science Fiction Story


In September, Joe published a creative video called Free Typing Paper. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. With the purchase of an item at any store, it is more than likely that you will receive a receipt. As Joe explains, these slim little pieces of paper are perfect for typing out little poems and thoughts. He even demonstrated how to make it look artsy by applying coffee stains. Of course, I had to try this for myself, and I loved my result!


Free Typing Paper


Another video by Joe displayed creative typewriter art one can create with just a crayon, a blank sheet of paper, and a sturdy typewriter. By typing over a thick layer of crayon on the paper, one can create colored type, but I took it up a notch and created shapes with them.

Typewriter Art

and last but not least, the most recent post…


I spent a Sunday afternoon with the legendary Bill Wahl at the Tempe History Museum at an event known as the Hayden’s Ferry Days. Here he displayed machines from the early 20th century on a large table while he and I informed people of the pre-computer era. It was a lot of fun, and I got to walk around and view other local business stands, enjoy free ice cream, and get a couple of free poems.

Hayden’s Ferry Days

That about wraps the last year up. There were so many great posts, and I look forward to the year ahead!


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