3rd CSL Type-In Report

And yet another type-in is concluded. These events always lift my spirits.


All the usuals showed up, such as Bill of Mesa Typewriter Exchange, Ted of the Database, and Cameron of First Draft Book Bar.

Though we didn’t quite get to the story time, I think it was alright, as all the attendees seemed satisfied at the machine they were currently putting to use. Besides, it was made up for with the festive lights that lined the tables.

Festive lights added a fun theme to the type-in

And of course there were the snacks that immediately disappeared when feeding the hungry typers hard at work.

Bars, water, and cookies were popular offerings for the guests

Unlike the last couple of type-ins, this one offered a steady stream of guests, rather than large waves all at once, which was wonderful, as it gave me an opportunity to take time to help each newcomer, even a young set of triplets! As the grapevine says, they were the lucky to go home with a Webster, though I don’t know exactly what model.


There wasn’t a drawing this time around, as we could not snatch up a nice typewriter from around the valley soon enough. Nevertheless, it was enjoyable event.

As always, a bounty a typewriter coloring sheets were provided, and entertained some young guests.

Coloring sheets and utensils lay about, eager to be used

And I always thank the library for the clever button making machine:


I even went home with some new pins added to my collection!

Clever typewriter themed pins were a fun momento of the type-in

Something new that showed up at this type-in provided by the library were cards with typewriter-themed quotes. I took one home for myself:


I can always thank the library for the generous display of typewriter books, always there to entertain the guests.


This just about concludes the report of the the 3rd CSL type-in. As always, thank you so much to the librarians at the Chandler Sunset Library for making this such a successful event!

Before I go, here are some final pictures of the type-in in action:

An Olivetti Valentine sits right next to the Sears Citation


Every machine at the event was happily tended to!
This beautiful ’36 SC (according to the Database) was a pleasure to type on

Thanks to all who came!


3 thoughts on “3rd CSL Type-In Report”

  1. Excellent report, I’m glad you got photos (:
    The Webster was Erik’s Webster XL 500, he saw the triplets really enjoyed the typewriters, so he gave them the machine. 😀


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