Phoenix Changing Hands Type-in Report

Sunday, November 11th, 2018 was the 2nd Phoenix Changing Hands Type-in, and I had a great time. There was a wider range of diverse machines. Even a Hermes 2000 that typed completely in Hebrew made an appearance!

Perhaps the most interesting factor about this machine, was that it typed right to left, versus the usual left to right

Some of the diverse machines included one I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting before: this lovely Remington 666- truly a pleasure to type on. Using this machine was such an ease, I almost checked the back to see if it had a plug, resembling an electric!


Most of the usuals were there- Bill spreading his typewriter repair knowledge to each and every machine that needed tuning up, Ted, handing out pamphlets for the Typewriter Database while hanging up the famous type-in banner, and of course, the Daily Platen himself, keeping the entire event in check. Sadly Joe could not make an appearance, but through the comment section on various blogs, he made it clear he was with us there in spirit.

The Phoenix Typewriter Round-Up banner, which has never missed an event, watches the active type-in scene proudly

Poems on Demand made an appearance, typing up a true original to anyone who asked. I approached the poet and asked for a poem about goats, my favorite animal, and the result is what follows:

Capra Aegagrus Hircus is latin for Goat

Lovely pieces of art created by the keys of a typewriter were proudly presented in between machines:

A camera
A close-up of a typewriter
Piano keys
Even an image as simple as a stapler can be portrayed magnificently by the pattern of letters, numbers, and symbols on a page, all in a pattern

That wraps up most of the main news for the event. Without further ado, presented below is a video and some pictures that caught the type-in in action:




Even a couple a electric Coronets made an appearance, black sheep among the crowd of manuals


The Daily Platen’s Hermes 9 made the event, as usual
Though it is unknown to me who brings it, I seem to come across this lovely maroon Corona at every event
I had a great conversation with the owner of this 1936 Underwood. She just bought it in August, and it is in pristine condition!

Sadly though, the time came, and I had to pack up my machines until my next type-in on December 8th.


I did not leave though, without some souvenirs! The Daily Platen passed out numerous First Draft Book Bar stickers, and I was able to snatch up a few, to slap on my cases!

In the car with newly gained stickers after a long day of typing

I’m not done yet, though. As a typewriter blogger, it’s my duty to inform  you of each and every type-in in Arizona, even if it does compete with my own. On December 8th, from 11:00- 2:00, there will be the first ever type-in at Union Coffee with a holiday theme.


I wish I could go, but obviously I will be busy with my own type-in at the Chandler Sunset Library at the same time. See you there!

Type-In 2018


5 thoughts on “Phoenix Changing Hands Type-in Report”

  1. Nice report! I’m very looking forward to the CSL Type-In on Dec 8 – we may not get the Westsiders, but I’m sure there’ll be plenty of people coming on the Eastside (:


  2. Great report, and thanks for the mention! It was great to meet you and check out some of your cool machines as well. I wish I could make it to your upcoming type-in, but I’ve gotta represent the west side typewriter geeks, since I’m all the way in Buckeye.


  3. Thank you for mentioning our conversation – which I enjoyed a lot also – and for including my little Underwood. It was my first Type-In ever… I didn’t take one single photo, which is entirely unusual for me; I wanted to stay in the moment I guess. All typers were *so* interesting & rich with histories; I’m eager to know more.
    Your excellent recapitulation of the event – and great photos of those wonderful machines – allows me to anticipate revisiting the day again in the future. Is that what’s meant by “many happy returns of the day”? I believe you’ve facilitated that for the rest of us – you’re doing good for the world, young man. Enjoy your next event and I’ll be sure to attend the next one after that 🙂


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