Don’t Forget: Type-In at Changing Hands!

It is type-in eve here in the Valley of the Sun in Arizona, and as the title implies, this is just one reminder about the type-in tomorrow at Changing Hands Bookstore in Phoenix.

It is being run by the same organizer as the one in June. He had many fun activities planned that you might not find at your average type-in, such the a screening of the documentary California Typewriter. I’m excited to see what this one will have!

Obviously I will be there, along with my Sears Citation, Royal Quiet-de-luxe, and probably the Smith-Corona Silent-Super (that one was popular at the previous event).

So don’t forget if you can come! It is in the Book Bar at the Changing Hands in Phoenix. It begins a 12:00 noon, with a Thanksgiving theme. See you there!

November CH Type-in


6 thoughts on “Don’t Forget: Type-In at Changing Hands!”

  1. On the following day, I’m visiting your blog to say how nice it was to meet you & that I experienced much enjoyment from the sharing of your lovely machines… as well as your lovely self 🙂 I’m definitely feeling inspired & eager for more, so I look forward to following your typewriting escapades. Is there a way to communicate with you by Snail Mail… as that’s my typewriters’ most frequent employment… who doesn’t like getting Happy Mail…???


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