Olivetti in Hawaii

This past week I had the pleasure of visiting the islands Maui and Oahu in Hawaii with my family. And what better way to document my travels than with my trusty portable Olivetti Lettera 32?

Sitting at a poolside resort in Oahu, Hawaii with the Olivetti Lettera 32


I mostly typed up my experiences in poem form, as typing up a full paper of memories every night while on vacation proved to be a hassle, not to mention I felt slightly under the weather at times.

Here are the poems and experiences I typed up:

*As always, I apologize for the messy typing at times.

image (2).png
A lanai (luh-nye) is the Hawaiian word for porch, or balcony

image (3).png

While at the airport when making a connection in Oahu, we stopped at a restaurant, when I pulled out the Lettera 32. Our waitress took notice, and got a ball out of it. I had a fascinating conversation with her and took a few pictures. This just goes to show you, you never know where a trusty typewriter can take you.


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