The Typewriter Kingdom

Earlier today I was documenting some of my thoughts on my Triumph on how much we typewriter collectors really use our machines, and if it’s okay to type mainly on one machine, or if we should rotate between them. Please enjoy:

*Note: There are some errors in this already small print, so I apologize.

image (1).png


9 thoughts on “The Typewriter Kingdom”

  1. I spent the previous week end cleaning out my parents’ house in preparation for an estate sale. I am now extremely conscious about hoarding. Do I need all the typewriters I own? Should I sell off the ones I have not used, recently? Should I force myself to rotate them through an exercise schedule? The self-doubt is probably a bigger problem than anything else.

    My machines aren’t the ones who need the exercise. The goal should be to type anything, on any machine, on a regular basis. I find different machines are suited to different kinds of writing, too; the right tool for the job.

    Time to set my laptop computer off the writing desk for a while…


    1. Nice thoughts. I tend to find myself using one machine more than the other for certain tasks in writing, such as what is on my mind, song lyrics, poems, or short stories. Every machine suits the task differently.


  2. I too tend to assign certain typewriters to certain tasks. I don’t think I’ve ever stayed with the same typewriter for a week! Also, if I’m writing another typewriter enthusiast, I’ll remember which machine I wrote their most recent letter on, and try to use another.


  3. I swap mine out fairly randomly at whim, depending on mood. I think one hing I like about having multiple machines is that it’s easy to always be pleasantly surprised by a machine I haven’t used in a few weeks. (:


  4. Great advice. The discipline of writing every day is sorely needed in my life, even after a long day and I’m tired. And think of those poor neglected machines, aching to be used!


  5. I do like to use my machines, except for the many that I can’t because of their weird keyboards or mechanical problems. There are collectors who have hundreds of beautiful typewriters and never write a single word on them.


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