Thoughts on JVC’s Free Typing Paper

Yesterday Joe published a new video in his Typewriter Video Series (TWVS). He explained the creativeness behind typing on the backs of store receipts. He says that with the purchase of one or more items, you receive a small segment of free typing paper, being the back of the receipt. The small typing space is perfect for quick thoughts and poems as he says. This interested me, so I tried it out myself:

Note: The receipt is not possible to make out, but I assure you it is there


Here’s the machine while typing:

A blurry Triumph Gabrielle holds in place the lucky receipt


If you would like to check out Joe’s video for yourself, here it is:


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on JVC’s Free Typing Paper”

  1. Tried to leave a comment earlier, but WP didn’t want anything to do with it.

    I’d use my receipts, but my wife snatches them up and files them away before I can do anything with them. Guess I’ll have to secretly stash them away.

    Thanks for your contribution, I enjoyed your poetry and prose.


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