Think Before You Buy

After watching the latest video by Joe Van Cleave, I had an urge to purchase a typewriter he was talking about on eBay. However, after further thinking on the matter, I typed down my thoughts in the below:


I know that I make a case against purchasing typewriters online, but that’s not to say it doesn’t always end in regret, as I have purchased one of my favorite machines online, the Triumph Gabrielle.


4 thoughts on “Think Before You Buy”

  1. They feel like a Brother JP-1 to me. Compact and durable, not anything amazing, but pretty good. Keep looking locally – I’ve found them at thrifts for around the $12-$15 mark. To be honest, I actually prefer the weird-looking plastic shelled versions like the Sprite and Swinger.


  2. I think my enthusiasm was in the pristine condition of the machine; that, and it becomes a stablemate to the Alpha typewriter in my collection. And finding it broke a long spell of not finding much locally.


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