Type-In Reminder and Raffle Prizes


It’s type-in eve, and if you’re like me, you are anxiously awaiting the exciting event, where typewriter enthusiasts of all ages gather in a sort of utopia. That’s right. The 2nd Chandler Sunset Library Type-in is tomorrow, Saturday June 9th, from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm. This type-in will be musically themed, of course, to tie in with the library’s summer of music program. Music lyrics will be written on the whiteboard to help spark your typing.

This event is exciting enough, but when you thought it could simply not get more so, I am here to announce there will not be just one, but THREE raffles.

The main one is this beautiful 1960s Smith-Corona Electra 120.


Now, I’m not too fond of electric typewriters, but I have to admit, I’m chocking up at the thought of parting with it. I know, though, that someone will love to take it home and will adore it even more than I do.


Obviously this photo is very dark, but in case you can’t read it, it says ELECTRA 120. Part of it seems to be blocked out by the extremely bright light that flickers on whenever it is powered. It seems to have been manufactured sometime in the 1960s.


You can definitely tell this is an early model of an electric typewriter. That is to say, before they dominated the manuals, as it still has the hammered keys instead of the ball. It works almost perfectly, though the only problem with it seems to be an extremely sticky D key, however, I’m sure it’s nothing Bill Wahl at the Mesa Typewriter Exchange can’t fix.

The other raffle prizes are both books. One of them is The Typewriter Revolution, by Richard Polt. I know this book seems to be fairly poplar in the typewriter community.

The Typewriter Revolution.jpg

Fairly obvious because of the name, it talks about the rise in popularity of typewriters in the modern day.

The second is Typewriter: A Celebration of the Ultimate Writing Machine, by Paul Robert, and Peter Weil.

Typewriter Book.jpg

This book from my understanding talks about the history of the typewriter and also where they stand today. Along with these will be a few other typewriter books for your enjoyment while you type (not up for raffle). I know this type-in tomorrow will certainly be a fun one. If you have any sort of typewriter of your own (even electric) please bring it with you to share! I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!


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