Lettera 32

This beautiful, turquoise machine I received as a birthday gift from Ryan Adney at the 4th Phoenix type-in. With it’s small frame and light weight, it’s definitely the most portable of all my typewriters.


Based on my research, it was manufactured around the mid-1960s.


Unlike the Sears, this is not an easy machine to type on for beginners. The space bar is very thin, and the keys are spaced apart more than the average typewriter. Nevertheless, it is still one of my favorites. One of the best qualities about it is the rather flat body.


The flat body offers the attraction of a flat typewriter, minus the awkward feel, if you have ever typed on a flat typewriter. This is just one more typewriter you can count on seeing at the type-in!


2 thoughts on “Lettera 32”

  1. Beautiful typewriter.

    I too find the narrow space bar a bit annoying on my Lettera 32. The key spacing though is fine with enough practice. Overall though, if I want a full-featured travel typewriter I’ll take my Lettera 22 or Lettera 32.

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