Sears Citation

With only 16 more days until the next type-in, I thought that I would post pictures and information about my collection leading up to the date. Unfortunately, my newest typewriter, a Triumph Gabrielle, is currently in shop until the type-in, so it’s first appearance will be there.

This post is about my first typewriter I received five years ago- the Sears Citation.


I bought this machine at the Mesa Typewriter Exchange. It’s print is bold and I’ve never needed to change ribbon.


Based on my research, it was manufactured around the late 1960s. That would make sense because of its sleek design.


It is one  of my two most durable typewriters. It has never failed me. For all those beginning typists out there, this is a fantastic machine to practice on.


At the previous type-in, this one was definitely favored by the typists. You can definitely look forward to seeing it at the next type-in on June 9th!


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